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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wellness Tip #2

Set achievable fitness goals.
If that goal to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year seems impossible, you might feel like a failure from the start.  However, if you start with goals that stretch but don't discourage you -- like losing 1 pound this week -- it's easier to feel like a success.  Keep the ultimate goal in mind, but be sure to reward yourself for achieving each small step!

There are 40 weeks left of 2013.  If you lose 1 pound each week, you would be down 40 pounds by New Year's Eve!

Here are some simple things you can do that will lead to better wellness:

  1.  Eat smart.  To eat smart and make better choices, we must get informed and understand the alternatives.  Did you know that choosing mozzarella over cheddar cheese, popcorn over potato chips, Greek yogurt over sour cream and salad over French fries can lead to a reduction of 10 pounds in a single year?  Did you know that eating three smaller, healthier meals and two healthy snacks (one mid-morning and other mid-afternoon) can lower blood sugar by up to 13 percent?  Healthy choices make a big difference.
  2. Get active.  We also need to get active.  Exercise stimulates healthy digestive function, enables the cardiovascular system to prevent plaque buildup and even stimulates healthy brain function.  Exercise is essential to wellness, not just weight loss.  Exercise gives us these and other benefits if--and this is important--it is done regularly.
  3. Stay accountable.  As you eat right and get active, stay accountable and share your wellness goals with others.  Help one another reach those goals.  It's a fact:  whether it's losing weight, exercising daily or building a business, teaming up ensures you'll stick to your goals.
Take Oligo.  We've learned when we give our body consistent (not intermittent) nutrition, it can function properly to defend, protect and renew itself.  Minerals are the catalysts for critical functions like proper digestion and metabolism.  Healthy immune, brain, thyroid and nervous system function all depend on essential vitamins and minerals.  Just as your car needs oil continuously running throughout its engine, vitamins and minerals need to be continuously available to your body's systems.

No other mineral and vitamin supplement is more effective than Oligo.  We have the science to prove it's more absorbable and protects antioxidant vitamins better than any other product sold.  If you are not taking the Vitality Pack with Oligo, please start today.  You'll do so with confidence that you're taking the best nutritional supplements available on the planet.

For more inforrmation on Oligo, click on this link. Oligo Vitality Packs

Wellness tips 1-3 from McKay Christensen, President of Melaleuca, January 2013 Leadership in Action
Other information from  the Winter/Spring 2013 Melaleuca Country Wellness Catalog.

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