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I have been married to Russ for 13 years. We have two daughters, Shauna and Maddyson . I teach vocal & general music. In July 2011, we began Miehls Healthy Life Source, a home-based business. Our goal is to share safe, natural products with our friends, family, and others so the world is a safer place.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Why

I am blessed with a full-time job as a music teacher.  I teach general music for grades 1-3, 5 and 6 and choir for junior high and high school students.  I just finished my 10th year of teaching at Stryker Local Schools.

On July 1, 2011 I began Miehls Healthy Life Source which is a home-based business.  My purpose for starting this business is to pay off debt.  I have tried other home businesses, such as Pampered Chef and Premier Designs.  While I loved the products, I didn't love that I was away from my family all day as a teacher and away from them again in the evenings with my second job.

With Miehls Healthy Life Source, I do not have to be away from home.  With my phone and computer, I walk potential enrollees through a series of videos on Delivering Wellness with Melaleuca.  There are 5 product lines:  EcoSense (cleaning and laundry), Vitality for Life (vitamins and supplements), Bath & Body, Sei Bella (cosmetics) and Pharmacy.  If the enrollee likes what he or she sees, I set up their account for them and help them place their first order.  I can still be present with my family while helping pay off debt.

My goal is to be debt-free in 5-10 years, but ideally it will be closer to 5.

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